StartUp 2022

The StartUp 2022 logo, filled in with electric blue topographic lines


SCAD StartUp is a student-run, 7-year strong, annual design competition hosted by FLUX and SCADpro that challenges SCAD students to create and pitch a business idea to industry-leading professionals, all within one week.
I had the enormous opportunity to Co-Direct SCAD StartUp in the Winter of 2022 alongside Lara Federspiel where we created the biggest StartUp yet.

My Role



Lara Federspiel
StartUp Core Team
SCADpro Advisors


Nov. 2021 - Feb. 2022

In a nutshell...

StartUp 2022 reached record levels of participation between students, industry professionals, mentors, and prizes. We contacted a collection of industry-leading

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1. Research

2. Concept Development

3. Testing

4. Finalization


Talking about the image on the left there is so much to say like how the left image pefrectly encapsulates the entirety of the project

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