The World Health Organization estimates that one person dies to suicide every 40 seconds globally*

According to a review of statistics in 2017, men die to suicide 3.5x the amount that females do**. Every age group is affected by mental health, everyone deals with some form of stress - big or small. smile_inverted is a brand dedicated to spreading mental health awareness and destigmatizing mental health struggles to all people. The goal of smile_inverted is to spread the awareness that help is available to anyone who needs it, and that no one is ever alone in dealing with mental health issues.

Our hope is that when someone sees the (: they will recognize it in a way that holds our values of community and support for those who need it. One day, we hope that the smile_inverted brand will bring people together under empowering designs to make a net of strangers that will help each other. When one person struggles, they need to be heard and held by those around them who have felt those same struggles.

How you can help

Share your love and open your heart to those you know struggle with mental health. Sometimes it's as simple as a hug or smile, and sometimes you need to call a professional to help. Never be afraid to seek out help; it exists for a reason. On the resources page of this website, there are a few great mental health resource directories that anyone and everyone can use, so share them with those who could benefit from it.

If you want to support smile_inverted or be part of our brand, feel free to contact us through Instagram or the email linked below. Buy something from the shop if you want to join the brand family, and feel free to share.

"a hug

or a smile"